53. [Interview] Rob J. Hayes – Writing a Fantasy Trilogy, Overcoming Doubts, and The War Eternal

I chat with Rob for the second time to discuss his latest grimdark fantasy trilogy, The War Eternal. The trilogy follows Eska, a young magician struggling to reconcile her urges for revenge with her longing for human connection. The books include:

  1. Along the Razor’s Edge
  2. The Lessons Never Learned
  3. From Cold Ashes Risen

We also talk about overcoming doubts, Rob’s techniques for building captivating fantasy worlds, and which of his characters he’d share isolation with. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

My BookNest review of The Lessons Never Learned: https://bit.ly/jedreviews

Rob’s twitter: @RoboftheHayes

Rob’s facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheHeresyWithin

Rob’s blog: http://www.robjhayes.co.uk/


My twitter: @JedHerne