5 – Gabriel Bergmoser Interview – Windmills, Boone Shepard, Movie Maintenance, and Red Dragon by Thomas Harris

Today I’m changing things up from my normal analysis format by interviewing Gabe Bergmoser – one of my favourite Australian authors.

Gabe is the author of Boone Shepard, Boone Shepard’s American Adventure, and the forthcoming Boone Sheppard: The Silhouette and the Sacrifice. He’s also a prolific playwright, winner of the Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award, host of Movie Maintenance, and contributor to Movie Maintenance Presents.

In this far-ranging interview, we talk about:

  • how he’s evolved alongside his Ustinov-winning Windmills
  • his feelings towards his soon-to-be-completed Boone Shepard trilogy
  • how he approaches writing, and what his experience has taught him
  • what it takes to create engaging writing-related podcasts
  • Red Dragon by Thomas Harris (and we dive deep into analysing this fantastic book)


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Gabe’s top books for writers:

(note: this post may have affiliate links – using them will give me a tiny bit of money, letting you support my work at no extra cost to you!)

Harry Potter (I covered The Half-Blood Prince in episode 3)

Red Dragon

The Book of Joe

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Tommorrow, When the War Began

On the Road

A Song of Ice and Fire

The Name of the Wind (I covered this in episode 1)