[Announcement] My latest book, Across the Broken Stars, is out today!

Click here to buy your copy.

Leon has a secret. He was once an angel – a winged warrior sworn to protect Paya, a realm where people live on discs that float in space.

He failed.

Now, Leon’s a broken man, trying to forget the past. He thinks he’s the last angel. But then a young fugitive stumbles onto Leon’s doorstep. She’s an angel, too. And she has a riddle leading to a place where angels still live. Or so the stories claim …

Desperate for redemption, Leon begins a perilous quest through myth and folklore. But will Leon and the fugitive find their legendary destination? Or will Leon lose his last chance for salvation?

Brutal and gripping, this is a story about a flawed man’s search for forgiveness.

> Buy a copy here: jedherne.com/broken

And if you buy a copy before midnight Feb 9th, email your receipt to jed.herne1@gmail.com to receive free bonuses, including:

  • The unedited first draft (which was 20 000 words shorter than the final novel)
  • My original outline
  • A free companion short story
  • Other behind-the-scenes looks into my process.

Praise for Across the Broken Stars:

★★★★★ “The details that went into the creation of this world were fantastic. It is unlike any other sci-fi world I’ve ever read about.” – Darian Seese.

★★★★★ “Gripped me from the start. I loved that Leon, the protagonist, was kind of a screw up. His actions and emotions are so achingly normal which is something rarely seen in fantasy novels.” –  Jaimee Camilleri.

★★★★★ “The most unique part about Across the Broken Stars, and my favorite element hands down, is that the realm of Paya is made of discs in space instead of worlds as we know them. […] The discs make for a unique setting and at times add great tension to the story. If you are looking for an epic fantasy that has a unique setting, this is it.” – Kate Valent, Reedsy Discovery Starred Review.


– Jed Herne, host of the Novel Analyst Podcast

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